Private Lessons

I am currently accepting guitar & bass students in both Modesto and Sonora California. Lessons are typically done in increments of 30 minutes once per week. Longer lessons are possible and sometimes even recommended for more advanced students. I have worked with students from the age of 4 to 86. With younger children, sometimes they are ready for lessons & sometimes they are not. The only way to be sure is to try a few lessons and see how they do.

I teach all styles from beginner to advanced. I specialize in jazz and classical guitar which I can teach up to a very advanced level. My number one goal as a music teacher is to help my students reach their own personal musical goals. Whether the goal is to sing campfire songs or to go all the way up to a professional level I can help. The specific things I typically teach:

  • Chords - from novice to master level.
  • Your favorite songs, in any style!
  • Scales - the commonly used ones & special ones if needed.
  • Arpeggios.
  • Improvisation - I've studied improvisation for well over 25 years.
  • Reading standard music notation.
  • Tablature.
  • Classical music theory.
  • Popular music theory.
  • Music composition.
  • Ear training.